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Somalia: Efforts underway to reconcile President, PM ahead of No Confidence Vote


MOGADISHU, Somalia Nov 9, 2014 (Garowe Online)-Though Federal Government of Somalia’s political leadership stuck to their positions, Parliament speaker Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari is mediating between the two under the backing of key international partners, Garowe Online reports.

On Saturday, Jawari announced that he temporarily ceased the debate over a no confidence motion filed against the Prime Minister, holding talks with backers as well as the challengers of the proposed no confidence vote on possible solutions to the political stalemate.

Well informed sources tell Garowe Online that the parliament speaker alongside first deputy speaker Jaylani Nur Ikar and second deputy speaker Mahad Abdalla Awad reminded pro President Hassan MPs of the magnitude of the tasks charged with Somali government institutions.

“MPs loyal to the President met with the speaker on Saturday morning while anti no-confidence motion campaigners voiced support for the ongoing mediation efforts by Jawari and donors,” said one source.

On Sunday, as part of the efforts to bring dispute to an end speaker Jawari discussed the role of the international community in settling the dispute with UN envoy to Somalia Ambassador Nicholas Kay.

British Ambassador Neil Wigan is also said to have joined the reconciliation process by separately raising the root cause of the dispute with Mohamud and Mohamed.

Mohamed has been accused of failing to cooperate with his opponent, President Mohamud, defiance while reshuffling cabinet ministers and incompetency according to the no confidence motion.

Some insiders say, President Hassan’s close allies were wooing lawmakers with cash.

Ambassador Kay has expressed concern over vote buying reports and urged opposing parties to abide by the Provisional Federal Constitution.

Reacting to the international concern, Mohamud called for what he described respect to Somalia’s right to self-determination.

Over 20,000-strong peacekeepers prop up Somali National Army, the only credible fighting force in the southern part of the country.

Rampant corruption and persistent political disputes dealt blow to the credibility of Mohamud’s administration as the donors continue to provide cash aid with Mogadishu-based central government.

The infighting comes less than three weeks before the high-level partnership forum on Somalia that will be hosted by Denmark.


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