Somalia: Elder killed in Al-Shabaab ambush as war steps up


MOGADISHU, Somalia - Al-Shabaab waged a retaliatory attack on Thursday in the Hiiraan region of Somalia, local authorities reported, just as fighting with the Al-Qaida-linked group and the country's army with the support of local militia, who have been instrumental in the war.

Reports indicate that elder Elmi Hagar Gure who comes from the renowned Hawadle clan within the Beledweyne city just about 40 kilometers off the El Qohle village was killed instantly following an Al-Shabaab ambush. The clear scene was precisely in Muqakoori District.

Eyewitnesses said Al-Shabaab militants launched a dawn attack on Thursday morning from a base that was recently liberated from the Al-Shabaab militants by the Somali National Army and local militia, who have been fighting to restore order in the country.

Investigations done by the media indicated that Gure was part of a locally-organized militia known as Macawisley, fighting alongside government troops against Al Shabaab. The militia has been fighting alongside the national army.

Given his contributions to the liberation of Somalia, Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre sent condolences to the family of the deceased. The Prime Minister said the deceased was a martyr of what he has been fighting against for several years.

Somali PM Hamza Abdi Barre sent his condolences to Elmi Gure's family, eulogizing him as a leader and martyr.

"I mourn the righteous death of Elmi Hagar Gure, who was killed today in a battle on the front lines of the war in the El Qohle area. I pray God to showers the martyred Elmi with blessings," Barre said in a statement on his Facebook page.

In recent weeks, a successful SNA offensive pushed the militant insurgency group out of several of its former strongholds, which it had held for over a decade. The Al-Shabaab militants have been suffering losses in the recent past according to authorities.

The Somali National Army recently said the Al-Shabaab militants lost several towns in Galgaduud, Hiiraan, and Bay regions where the militants have been dominant. The local militia has been instrumental in the war, getting accolades from President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.


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