Somalia: EU naval forces seize 6 pirates off Somalia coast

By Staff Reporter , GAROWE ONLINE
Italian warship ITS Virginio Fasan rescues a container vessel from hijack by Somali pirates [Photo: EU NAVFOR]
Six suspected pirates and seized their vessels detained by Italian marines off Somalia coast [Photo: EU NAVFOR]
The EU Naval forces using a warship and helicopter chase two skiffs with pirates [Photo: EU NAVFOR]
A helicopter lands on an EU naval vessel following the operation [Photo: EU NAVFOR]

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The European Union anti-piracy forces said they have apprehended six suspected pirates and seized their vessels off the coast of Somalia, Garowe Online reports.

An EU naval force statement said the operation took place over a 24 hour period on 17th and 18th November in the Southern Somali Basin, in an area known for piracy incidents.

"Six suspected pirates and a skiff were captured by Italian Marines from on ITS Virginio Fasan warship after the attack on a 52,000-tonne container ship and a fishing vessel," read the statement seen by GO.

The pirates have fired a number of rocket-propelled grenades [RPGs] against the container ship, attempting to hijack it, said EU NAVFOR, adding that the attack was neutralized by the Italian Marines.

This search for the suspected pirates was coordinated with Somali partners and from information provided by the masters of the vessels concerned which led to the capture of the six pirates, EU naval force said.

The EU NAVFOR said a legal process has now begun for the detained suspected pirates to be transferred to the appropriate authority for prosecution. It's unclear which country belongs to the container ship.

The Piracy was once a serious threat to the global shipping industry. It has lessened in recent years after an international forces began an effort to patrol off the coast of the Horn of Africa country.