Somalia ex-Defence Minister killed in Mogadishu blast


MOGADISHU, Somalia-Former Somali Defence Minister Mohiyadin Mohamed Haji has been confirmed dead in a blast inside his car near Mogadishu’s KM4 junction on Monday, Garowe Online reports.

Witnesses and police say, the bomb would have been attached beneath his seat as has been the case in Mogadishu over the last few years.

Haji served in the government of interim Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussein. He has also been working with Kulan Political Association according to colleagues.

Another occupant with him in the car has sustained injuries from the explosion.

Mogadishu has become a spot for targeted killings, mostly carried out with bombs fitted into cars of high ranking government officials and politicians.

Mogadishu-based federal government is propped up by over 22,000-strong peacekeepers in its fight against militants in central and southern Somalia.


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