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Somalia: Federal government notices FAO chief to leave the country within 72 hours


MOGADISHU, Somalia- Federal government of Somalia was reported has asked the United Nation to replace the head of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) after complaining from “gross unprofessionalism” from the official, Garowe Online reports.

FAO chief in Somalia, Richard Trenchard was asked to leave the country within 3 days in a letter issued by the Federal government.

However, the reason behind the expulsion is unclear but senior officials indicated that FAO official was accused of behavioral misconduct with Somali government officials including cabinet ministers. 

On the other hand, a spokesman for the UN office in Somalia said a negotiation with the Somali Federal government is ongoing to resolve the matter.

FAO is a UN agency that is mandate to combat famine crisis by helping countries to improve agriculture and livestock sectors and achieve food security.

This is the first such a move by the new Somali Federal government led by President Mohamed Abdulahi Mohamed Farmajo to expel representative of aninternational organizations from the country


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