Somalia: Federal Govt says ‘20 militants killed in raid’


KISMAYO, Somalia-Somali commandos have conducted a surprise raid in Berhani, 60km south-west of the southern port city of Kismayo, officials have confirmed on Monday.

Top intelligence figures who asked not to be named have confirmed that the raid by Special Forces led to direct confrontation that subsequently overpowered militants.

A terrorist hotbed was dismantled and 20 militants have been killed in the operation, federal government officials said.  

Militants are said to have for long used the hideout as a training camp and possibly as a springboard for terror assaults.  

Al Shabaab has not given details on the raid as Somali commando troopers have returned to their earlier position after a 24-hour stay in Berhani.  

Somali government forces aided by African Union peacekeepers have intensified anti-militant pushes aimed for fewer bastions controlled by Al Shabaab in central and southern Somalia.


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