Somalia: Federal Govt warns of more Al Shabaab attacks


MOGADISHU, Somalia Sept 6, 2014 (Garowe Online)-Federal Government of Somalia’s Minister of National Security Khalif Ahmed Ereg has warned of more attacks as militants’ chief Ahmed Abdi Godahe died in US airstrike in southern Somalia, Garowe Online reports.

On Saturday, speaking to reporters in Mogadishu Ereg said intelligence gatherings have so far disclosed the extent of upcoming Al Shabaab rampage that would target government institutions, health facilities and schools.

“Somalia government will prevent planned Al Shabaab attacks from happening and we have put security agencies on high alert,” National Security Minister revealed.

On the other hand, Ereg called on Mogadishu residents to cooperate with security forces on the ongoing plans of tight security.

The calls for more vigil come after Pentagon confirmed Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab Chief dead following apparent airstrikes near Barawe coastal town. 


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