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Somalia: Federal MPs turn down request for deadline extension


MOGADISHU, Somalia Jan 15, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Lawmakers in Somalia’s Federal Parliament have refused to vote in favor of request for deadline extension by Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke on Thursday, Garowe Online reports.

Of the 177 MPs in the parliament, 120 voted against the move while 57 threw their support behind the proposal.

Somalia Prime Minister asked Somalia lawmakers to postpone the parliamentary approval of cabinet ministers to January 22 but the vote will suit Saturday, the date on which Parliament speaker Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari announced.

Two days ago, Parliamentary caucus threatened that they will not endorse the 59-member cabinet, saying pledges for the exclusion of former cabinet ministers were not met.

Several Ministers including President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s closest allies appeared in the lineup.

Mohamud and Sharmarke’s predecessor disagreed over the sidelining of Justice Minister Farah Sheikh Abdulkadir, prompting Parliament to oust Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed in no confidence vote in December.

Mogadishu-based Federal Government is facing though conundrum in pervasive corruption and the fight against Al Shabaab militants. 


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