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Somalia: Federal Parliament passes Electoral Commission Bill


MOGADISHU, Somalia Feb 11, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Amidst security challenges, largely in central and southern Somalia, Lawmakers in Federal Parliament have passed Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) bill on Wednesday, Garowe Online reports.

The MPs in fifth parliamentary session gave green light to the bill with 113 votes, with 21 voting against and 10 lawmakers abstaining from voting.

Parliament speaker Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jaware announced the outcome of the voting, saying the bill got passed in an overwhelming margin.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is expected to sign the bill into law over the coming days.

Despite threats emanating from beleaguered Al Shabaab militants, international partners with UN and EU at the forefront continue to push for first-ever direct elections in 46 years in war-torn Somalia by 2016.


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