Somalia: First phase of ​London conference kicks off today


LONDON, Somalia - An International conference on the future of Somalia has on Wednesday kicked off in London, the capital of the United Kingdom, Garowe Online reports.

The President of Somali Federal government Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has arrived yesterday with high-level delegate and attended its first side event about the Diaspora and civil society contribution to Somalia. 

During his speech, President Farmajo has thanked the Somalia Diaspora for their great contributions to nation rebuilding efforts and humanitarian assistance to the drought-affected brothers and sisters in Somalia. 

Somali President also announced that his government will establish a national Diaspora agency to spearhead government's engagement in political, economy, development and peace-building process.

In attendance were officials from International organizations and United Nations, including the UN's special envoy, and the Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia Michael Keating and Peter de Clercq respectively. 

Today's meeting in London paves the way for a high-level conference scheduled to kick start on Thursday, May 11, that Somali President will co-chair along with the British Prime Minster Theresa May. Representatives from 40 nations, donors and Somalia's International partners will attend the conference.

During the meeting, President Farmajo is expected to request a unified and solid support for his new government in their effort to bring the needed political stability and development in the horn of African nation.   

The issues that will dominate Thursday's meeting include security, rebuilding national Army, political development, 2020 election , revival of the economy, and the cooperation between Somalia and the international community. 

This is the third International conference on Somalia that UK government is hosting in London since 2012, aimed to transform the country from a failed state to a stable nation with functioning government institutions.


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