Somalia: Following delays Hirshabelle President unveils cabinet


JOWHAR, Somalia- The President of Hirshabelle state Ali Abdullah Osoble has announced 52-member cabinet on Monday after deadline extension by state Parliament, Garowe Online reports.

President Osoble named a cabinet consisting of 23 ministers, 23 deputies and 6 state ministers after he failed to form the cabinet within 45 days following his election last year.

Hirshabelle state Parliament extended the deadline by two months in December 2016, following a stiff opposition emanating from some clan elders in Hiiraan region of southern Somalia.

"Today, February 20, the President Ali Abdullahi Osoble announces 52-member cabinet, the first since the establishment of Hirshabelle administration last year," said the state's spokesman.

The new line-up included only three women, one minister and two deputies form the cabinet of the newly formed Hirshabelle state of Somalia.