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Somalia: Foreign fighter jet bombs Al Shabaab base

By Staff Reporter , GAROWE ONLINE

TORATOROW, Somalia - Suspected U.S. drone has launched an airstrike against Al Shabaab training camp in Lower Shabelle region, south of Somalia on Wednesday, Nov 29, Garowe Online reports.

The attack took place in Toratorow, a main Al Shabaab stronghold town in the volatile region in the afternoon, causing an unspecified number of casualties.

Sources said senior Al Shabaab commanders were at the camp during the raid. It's not yet clear which country belongs to the unmanned drone that carried out the latest attack.

In the past few months, U.S. military has conducted series of airstrikes in south and northeast of Somalia, targeting Al Shabaab and pro-Islamic States militants based in Galgala hills, in the country's Puntland region.

The United States Africa Command [AFRICOM] and the Federal Government of Somalia are yet to comment on the assault with terror group al-Shabaab remaining silent on the losses it incurred after the airstrike.

On Tuesday, Somalia's Minister of Information Abdirahman Omar Osman Yariisow said a top ISIL commander was killed in an aerial bombardment in Bohole, about 70Km away from Bosaso port city.

A senior Somali military officer said Al Shabaab leaders are fleeing for safety in the central regions and the mountainous ranges in Puntland to escape the growing U.S. Airstrikes against their bases in the south.


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