​Somalia: Galmudug MPs vote out President Haaf


ADADO, Somalia - The  MPs of Somalia's central semi-autonomous region of Galmudug State have voted on Tuesday to oust President Ahmed Dualle Geelle Haaf on a vote of no confidence, Garowe Online reports.

The speaker of the State Parliament, Ali Ga'al Asir, has confirmed the dismissal, after 52 lawmakers  voted for the removal of the President, 2 rejected, while one has abstained during the voting.

The move came following a deadlock among the top leaders of Galmudug over the recent decision of President Haaf, in which he sided with Saud-led Arab alliance against Qatar, while he was in the UAE.

It remains unclear what would be the legitimacy of the no confidence vote booted out the President as the Speaker of the assembly is under house arrest, and did not chair today's Parliament session.

This step is likely lead a chaos to the regional administration's politics, as the President is defiant over the Parliament decision, removing him from office. He has been in power since last May, 2017.

Haaf was elected in May, 2017 as the second President of Galmudug by the regional lawmakers after a ballot in Adado, the interim administrative capital of the Somali Federal state.


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