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Somalia: Galmudug State President unveils 22-member cabinet


ADADO, Somalia - President of Somalia’s southern semi-autonomous state of Galmudug, Ahmed Dualle Geelle "Haaf" has unveiled on Monday his new much-awaited cabinet of ministers, including only two women, Garowe Online reports. 

The new cabinet which is made of 22 Ministers, 22 deputies and 8 state ministers, was announced through a statement released by the state Presidency on Monday, August 21, that obtained by GO. 

President Haaf has reinstated certain ministers from his predecessor’s cabinet, as Galmudug lawmakers vowed they would disapprove them at the parliament, citing “incompetent” ministers in his line-ups. 

The cabinet’s appointment comes following months of delays, due the failed peace talks with the rival Ahlu Sunna group, which controls swathes of territory, including Galmudug's capital, Dhusamareb town. 

The names of the Ministers and their positions: 

1 - Mohamed Abdi Mohamed, Minister of Justice and legal affairs  

2 - Mohamed Hayir Nur, Minister of Interior and Local Governments 

3 - Sa'ed Siad Shirwac, of Finance and Economic Development 

4 - Osman Isse Nur, Minister of Internal Security 

5 - Mursal Abdirahman Ahmed, Minister of Religious Affairs 

6 - Hassan Mohamed Warsame, Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources 

7 - Dahir Hassan Hussein, Minister Ministry of Housing and Public Works 

8 - Abdulkadir Abdullahi Warsame, Minister of Commerce and Industry 

9 - Mohamud Aden Osman, Minister of Information and culture 

10 - Abdullahi Ali Mohamed, Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation 

11 - Ibrahim Hassan Gureye, Minister of Education 

12 - Ahmed Dubad Ali, Minister of Post, Telecommunications 

13 - Ahmed Dhiblawe Asir, Minister of Agriculture and Livestock 

14 - Mohamed Hussein Mohamed, Minister of Environment, Forestry and Range 

15 - Naima Mohamed Mohamud, Minister of Health 

16 - Hodon Abdullahi Shire, Minister of Women and human rights development 

17 - Ahmed Mire Ali, Minister of Work & Labor 18 - Ali Yusuf Hussein, Minister of Youth and Sports 

19 - Awil Hersi Hassan, Minister of Power and Water 

20 - Mohamed Aden Qalabhoor, Minister of Ports and Marine Transport 


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