Somalia: Huge blast hit the capital Mogadishu


MOGADISHU, Somalia- A suicide bomber detonated an explosives-laden car at the SYL hotel in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, close to the Presidential Palace, Garowe online reports.

The suicide bombing caused huge blast resulted in at least 5 deaths, including civilians and government forces and other wounded in the attack.

Huge blast hit the capital Mogadishu said that some local journalists and the Director of National TV might got injured in the blast, as the Hotel was hosting a conference on Security. Other unconfirmed reports said that armed members believed to be linked to Al Shabab group might stormed the hotel.  

This is the third attack that SYL hotel witnessed by Al Qaida linked Al Shabab group in recent years, a terrorist group fighting the Somali Federal Government backed by the AMISOM forces.


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