Somalia invites moderate Islamists to ‘negotiating table


MOGADISHU, Somalia-Somali Federal government has urged paramilitary group of AhluSunna Wal Jamea to embrace peaceful resolutions to disputes with Adado administration, Garowe Online reports. 

Speaking in Mudug regional district of Hobyo, Interior Minister Abdirahman Mohamed Hussein (Odawa) said, he wants that Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamea be united with Interim Galmudug Administration headquartered in central Somalia town of Adado.  

He has pressured Galmudug leader Abdikarin Hussein Guled into fresh endeavors aiming at end to the standing differences between both sides. 

“Mr. President, we encourage you to give attention to Dhusamareb issue, especially Ahlu SunnaWal Jamea with which we held talks during the formation of [IGA). 

We firmly believe that those in Dhusamareb are part of Galmudug people, and they should come to the negotiating table,” said Odawa.  

In a jibe at gun-muscle, he asked Ahlu Sunna to resolve every grudge through peaceful means.  Remarks have come after months-long standoff over an inclusive administration in central Somalia.  

The paramilitary group refused to join state-formation convention in Adado in mid-2015, and in subsequent opposition, clashed with Galmudug troops in Guri’el.

Ahlu Sunna, moderates linked to Sufi tradition fought in many battles against Al Shabaabmilitants in central Somalia.


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