Somalia: Jubaland, AU forces capture Al Shabaab-held area


KISMAYO, Somalia Oct 6,2014 (Garowe Online)- Jubaland forces along with African Union peacekeepers captured Bulo Gadud vicinity, 30km north of the southern port city of Kismayo without resistance according to officials, Garowe Online reports. 

Security sources say, the allied troops in armored fighting vehicles and battle tanks began to thrust into Al Shabaab-held area of Bulo Gudud enroute to Jilib and Jamame-two key terrorist hotbeds-in Jubaland on Monday morning. 

Militants fled in advance of the anticipated joint offensive. 

Jubaland spokesman Abdinasir Serar Mah confirmed the capture of Bulo Gudud, underlining that the military campaign would target areas remaining under the control of beleaguered Al Shabaab group in the coming days. 

"We are advancing towards Bu'alle, Salagle, Saakow and Jilib," said Mah. 

Yoontoy and Koban also fell to the allied forces, with independent sources stating that roadside bombing hit armored vehicle shortly after Bulo Gudud seizure. 

No fatalities have been disclosed to the media yet. 

Jubaland leader Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Madobe) yesterday unveiled more military offensives against Al Shabaab bases. 

Kenyan Defence Force (KDF)crossed the border into Somalia in late 2011 and after vehement clashes with Al Qaeda-inspired fighters liberated strategic Kismayo seaport. 


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