Somalia: Jubaland demands apology as it turns down Int'l community calls

By Staff reporter , Garowe Online

KISMAYO, Somalia – The electoral commission of Jubaland has turned down International community calls for further steps to improve the electoral process and solve concerns of the stakeholders, Garowe Online reports.

In a letter obtained by Garowe Online, Hamza Abdi Bare, the state’s polls agency said they rejected the demands of the UN, AU and IGAD “unreasonable”, adding that the election of the President will take place as planned on August 22.

“There are no additional steps required to improve the process as all necessary steps were taken, the commission believes all constitutional and legal requirements were fulfilled on the conduct of the electoral process in line with the constitution and electoral laws in Jubaland,” read the statement in part.

The was a response to a letter from some of Somalia’s International partners in which they called for a single, transparent, agreed, credible and peaceful process which enjoys the support of the people.

“The commission and all stakeholders believe strongly that the current electoral process enjoys the broadest support of the people of Jubaland, contrary to point stated in your letter,” JIBEC said.

JIBEC - Jubaland Independent Boundaries and Electoral Commission has expressed dismay and disappointment over the Int’l community assumption that the process doesn’t enjoy people’s support.

Meanwhile, the Somali regional state electoral body said it demands an apology from the International Community on “misrepresentation” of the views of Jubbaland people.

In a letter addressed to JIBEC, UN envoy for Somalia, James Swan has said on Saturday that the measures are taken by JIBEC to reopen registration of the candidates and extended date of the presidential election “falls short” of their calls that the process be “single, transparent, agreed and credible”

This comes as Jubaland is heading to the polling station on Thursday, August 22nd to elect a new president after the parliamentary election in which elders chose MPs that then picked speaker.

The incumbent President Ahmed Madobe who is seeking a third term in office is among several candidates vying for the top seat of Jubaland.


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