Somalia : Jubaland Deputy President blocked by Ethiopian troops in Gedo as Madobe demands for withdrawal


KISMAYO- Frosty relationship between Jubaland leader Ahmed Madobe and the Federal Goverment of Somalia took yet another nosedive on Thursday, a move that has seen Ethiopian troops dragged to the standoff.

Mohamud Sayid Adan, the Jubaland first Deputy President, the state claimed in a letter on Thursday, was blocked from accessing Beled Hawo town in Gedo region by Ethiopian Non-AMISOM troops.

So nasty has been encounter between President Mohamed Farmajo and Madobe that Kismayo authorities are now accusing FGS and Ethiopia of 'illegal invasion' of the state.

"Jubaland state continues to experience the illegal invasion of Non-AMISOM Ethiopian troops in Northern Gedo region," the letter partly reads.

Trouble started last week when it emerged that Non-AMISOM Ethiopian troops had allegedly abducted three District Commissioners and Deputy leader of Jubaland Electoral Commission in Gedo early this month.

According to Jubaland, the four were coerced to enter 'illegal agreement which includes provision to surrender jurisdictional authority of Jubaland state of Somalia'.

To solve the crisis purpotedly orchestrated by Ethiopia and FGS, Jubaland deployed Mr Sayid to quell tensions in Northern Gedo, which was allegedly met by brutal force from ENDF.

At Beled Hawo, Jubaland claims, Non-AMISOM Ethiopian troops blocked Sayid from accessing the town, threatened to arrest Jubaland supporters and incited locals to demonstrate.

"Organizing and forcing a demonstration by civilians against the Jubaland state, blocking the first Deputy President and his delegation from entering Beled Hawo town and threatening mass arrests of civilians," states the letter.

Behind the plot, Jubaland argues, is the mega plan by FGS to force a repeat of presidential and parliamentary polls which were concluded in August this year.

Sheikh Madobe was announced the winner albeit controversially. Farmajo has refused to recognize his victory, accusing Kenya of rigging him in against the will of people.

But in the letter, Madobe argues, "The government of Villa Somalia strongly desires to install handpicked loyalists in all federal member states and they see Jubaland as obstacle towards this goal."

In the event FGS succeeds in taming Jubaland, authorities in Kismayo argue, Farmajo would use 'his imposed loyalists to rig 2020/21 polls' to state a continuity in Somalia.

Somalia is set to hold parliamentary and presidential polls from October 2020 when the current tenure of parliament ends. Already, the opposition team has former Forum for National Parties (FNP) ostensibly for edging Farmajo out.

And Jubaland now demands immediate withdrawal of the Ethiopian Non-AMISOM troops, claiming that they are 'a threat to insecurity and stability' in the state. 

"Therefore, we strongly ask AU, AMISOM, UN and AU to remove all Non-AMISOM Ethiopian troops from Jubaland. Until such actions are undertaken, we strongly advise AMISOM troops to strictly adhere to peacekeeping zones."

Last week, Jubaland had written a letter to UN envoy James Swan raising questions about the presence of Non-AMISOM Ethiopian soldiers in Gedo.

While Swan in yet to issue a comprehensive statement, he told United Nations Security Council on Thursday that "With Parliamentary elections also expected in Somaliland in 2020, it is important political freedoms and human rights be respected there too".

In September, FGS blocked a section of opposition leaders from attending Madobe's inauguration. However, the ceremony would go on later much to the displeasure of Mogadishu.

On Wednesday, Farmajo met former Presidents Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and Hassan Sheikh Mohamud among other opposition leaders where they 'agreed to tone down' for stability of Somalia.


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