Somalia: Jubaland leader announces new military offensive


KISMAYO, Somalia Oct 5,2014 (Garowe Online)-The President of Somalia's Jubaland administration Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Islam(Madobe) has announced new military offensive against beleaguered Al Shabaab militants amidst intensifying drives in south-central regions, Garowe Online reports. 

Madobe told a news conference in the southern port city of Kismayo that Jubaland forces will dislodge Al Shabaab fighters from the remaining bastions: "Al Shabaab is first threat to the existence of Somali nation . They are stumbling block to the progress and development of Jubaland and more generally Somalia".

"Now it's a time that needs Al Shabaab to be overpowered and defeated," he went on. 

Jubaland leader declared 48-hour-amnesty offer for Al Shabaab defectors by warning of the magnitude of firm measures ahead for the militant group. 
"We offer 48-hour-amnesty to Al Shabaab fighters, if they don't take advantage of the pardon, they will not be treated well," Madobe concluded in his press briefing. 

Kenyan Defence Force alongside Raskamboni brigades liberated Kismayo from Al Shabaab in late 2012. 


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