Somalia: Jubaland Parliament inaugurated in Kismayo port city


KISMAYO, Somalia, May 7, 2015 (Garowe Online)-The first regional assembly of Somalia’s Jubaland administration has been inaugurated in the southern port city of Kismayo in the presence of Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and representatives from neighboring countries and IGAD, Garowe Online reports.

IGAD Executive Secretary Mahboub Maalim, envoy to Somalia Ambassador Mohamed Abdi Afey, Ethiopian Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros Adhanom, Kenya’s External Affairs cabinet secretary Amino Mohamed, Puntland Vice President Abdhakin Abdullahi Haji Omar and Ambassadors attended the high profile event held at Jubaland Presidential Palace on Thursday.

Ethiopia’s Adhanom and Kenyan Foreign Affairs Minister expressed pleasure over Jubaland state formation, calling the progress being made ‘visible’.

Jubaland leader Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Madobe) on his side addressed dignitaries on the timeline of Jubaland state formation process, and thanked participants for witnessing the inauguration of the fledgling state’s first parliament.

Somalia President concluded event with a speech highlighting the country’s vision 2016, and billed the step as a milestone and sign of progress, a few days after he ruled out the possibility of term extension.

“We have to reveal patience to each other, and look at the future. We don’t need to think of today but what’s in the pipeline for this country,” Mohamud said at the inaugural ceremony.

He pointed to the complaints of some clans in Jubaland, calling on regional leadership to include all key elements in the region in the process.

In late April, International partners including the UN, EU, AU, IGAD, US and UK welcomed the formation of Jubaland parliament.


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