Somalia: Jubaland President unveils cabinet


KISMAYO, Somalia-The President of Jubaland Administration in southern Somalia Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Madobe) has unveiled his new cabinet lineup, three days after he named two Vice Presidents, Garowe Online reports. 

The 17-member cabinet includes both new and old faces, with Interior Minister Mohamed Warsame Farah (Darwiish) retaining his post in the second government since Jubaland’sformation in May, 2013. 

A woman was able to secure a portfolio in the long-delayed lineup released to the media on Wednesday evening.  

On May 15, Madobe replaced ally and first Vice President Gen. Abdullahi Sheikh Ismael (Fartag) with former political opponent Mohamud Sayid Adan.  

Second Vice President Abdulkadir Haji Mohamud (Lugadere) returned to his post.


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