Somalia: KDF mortar attack blamed for civilian casualties in Somalia


EL WAK, Somalia- Kenyan air forces blamed for killing at least three civilians in mortar bombardment targeting al-Shabaab controlled villages in Gedo region, southwest of Somalia, Garowe Online reports.

Major Ahmed Ibrahim, a military officer said the overnight Kenyan military raid targeted Daarul-salam and Giriley near the border town of El Wak, killing three civilians, including children and wounding other five.

"KDF ground forces at the Somali border with Kenya have fired mortar shells in Daarul-salam and Giriley in mid last night. The majority of victims seem to be innocent herders and their livestock," said Ibrahim.

He added the exact number of casualties suffered by al-Shabaab militants in the mortar attack remains unknown. The deadly incident has drawn condemnation both within Somali military and local residents.

However, African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and Kenyan defense Ministry are yet to release its own statement concerning the attack in Daarul-salam and Giriley areas in Gedo region.

Since 2016, Kenyan air force fighter jets have stepped up raids on al-Shabaab strongholds in Somalia, in retaliation for attacks on KDF bases in El Adde and Kulbiyow, which left dozens of Kenyan soldiers dead.

The Al Qaida-linked terror group al-Shabaab fighters have launched several deadly attacks against KDF and AMISOM military installations in Southern Somalia over the last several months.


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