Somalia: Militants attack military base outside Mogadishu


MOGADISHU, Somalia -  Al Shabaab fighters have launched a daring attack on a military base near Somalia's capital, Mogadishu on Thursday noon, Nov 16, Garowe Online reports.

Local residents are reporting that they could hear intense small arms fire along with explosions at the Somali army camp located in the area of Hawo Abdi along the main road linking Mogadishu to Afgoye.

"The troops were receiving reinforcements from Mogadishu to repulse the attack by the armed militants who tried to overrun the Somali National Army (SNA) barracks," said a resident by phone from the area.

The assault is still ongoing in the area and both sides are exchanging heavy weapons, including machine guns and RPGs.  

The Al-Qaeda-linked group says it has killed more soldiers and seized military vehicles and weapons, a claim that Somali military has denied as baseless and propaganda.

There were no immediate reports of any casualties on the warring sides and the civilians as well.

This is a rare gun attack around Mogadishu by Al Shabaab since the group was driven out of the capital in 2011 and its main stronghold towns following major offensives by Somali and their allied AU forces.

Despite this, the militants were still carrying out frequent attacks on security and government targets and African Union peacekeeping troops in the capital and elsewhere in the Horn of Africa country.


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