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Somalia court sentences terror suspects to death amid INT'L outcry


MOGADISHU, Somalia August 24, 2014 (Garowe Online)-Mogadishu-based military court on Sunday sentenced two Al Shabaab suspects to death as international outcry continues to put court justice into question, Garowe Online reports.

Five Al Shabaab defendants-Dahir Osman Ali, Asad Mohamud Ali, Mohamed Mahdi Ali, Ahmed Abdirahman Mohamed and Osman Ali Malin-were arraigned in the military court on charges of terrorism. Dahir, Asad and Mohamed were convicted of killing traffic police officer Yusuf Hassan Adow during the holy month of Ramadan, judges declared.

Addressing reporters in the court building, prosecutor handed out death penalty to Dahir and absentee Asad while Mohamed was sentenced to life in prison. The court also freed Mohamed after military body found him not guilty of the criminal charges while Maalin was sentenced to six months in jail.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) expressed concern over the mass executions being carried out by Federal Government of Somalia’s military court, saying it has been short of International fair trail standards.

In 2014 alone, thirteen executions are said to have taken place in Mogadishu. 


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