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Somalia: New Nugal Governor assumes office


GAROWE, Somalia, September 20, 2015 (Garowe Online)-New Governor of northeastern Nugal region Omar Abdullahi Farole has assumed office at oath-taking ceremony on Sunday, Garowe Online reports.

Puntland Government Ministers, Members of Parliament, District Commissioners [DCs), traditional leaders, women and youth groups attended the event held at Puntland Development Research Center [PDRC) in the state capital of Garowe.

Predecessor Abdullahi Isse said in his opening remarks that the region made huge progress during his seven-month stay.

New Governor Farole, who followed Isse on the podium stressed that he will address urgently pressing matters including land disputes and perilous journey to Europe.

Farole donated USD 10,000.00 in personal contribution to Eyl-Dangorayo road project.

“As you know, Eyl has been visited by a delegation led by Gaadaale [project fund-raiser], and efforts are underway to construct road that connects Eyl to Dangorayo. I contribute donation amounting to $10,000.00, it’s from my pocket,” said New Nugal Governor.

Puntland President named the third governor in a year and a half on Wednesday. 


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