Somalia: Notorious warlord flees from allied forces amid disarmament


GURI EL, Somalia August 21, 2014 (Garowe Online)- Notorious Somali warlord Abdi Nure Siyad(Abdi Wal) has been sighted in Galgaduud regional district of Guri El of central Somalia amidst disarmament operation in Mogadishu, Garowe Online reports.

Local reports say, Abdi Wal is being heavily guarded at hotel in Guri El town after he barely escaped from capture by Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) near Mogadishu’s Jazeera hotel last week.

He along with his militiamen initially moved to Lower Shabelle region and subsequently wadded through large swathes of territories stretching from Lower Shabelle to central town of Guri El.

It is unclear whether he was granted safe passage by Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab militants who maintain presence in some areas.

On Friday, Somali government forces aided by African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) attacked the house of warlord Ahmed Dai in Wadajir district, killing 5 bodyguards and seizing cache of arms.

Hawiye clan elders Chief Mohamed Hassan Haad lambasted Somalia Federal Government for not carrying out statewide disarmament.

Abdi Wal remains deeply unpopular in Lower Shabelle region where long running inter-clan feuds over regional influence claimed at killed many lives. 


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