Somalia on verge of collapse over rigged polls

Somalia leaders agreed to 'accelerate' election process after deal in May 2021 in Mogadishu [Photo: AFP]

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The federal republic of Somalia may explode should Villa Somalia fail to change tact in the ongoing elections, analysts have warned, amid uproar from senior presidential candidates who have openly dismissed the exercise.

In the coming weeks, the country is expected to conclude indirect Lower House elections before MPs and senators-elect the president of the Federal Government of Somalia [FGS]. President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo's term ended in February.

Despite the conclusion of Upper House polls and commencement of Lower House elections, the exercise has been widely been condemned. The union of presidential candidates recently termed elections of MPs as a "shambolic" exercise.

A number of serious candidates have been barred from contesting while Villa Somalia has strategically placed its allies in certain areas for contests. For instance, acting National Intelligence Security Agency [NISA] boss Yasin Farey was elected as MP in Galmadug.

In a Twitter Space discussion hosted by Garowe Online, a number of analysts some who served in senior government positions faulted Villa Somalia for elections, warning that it would spark chaos. The discussion was dubbed "Indirect Elections Stance and Risks Ahead".

"It would have a bitter taste to enjoy results of a rigged election in Somalia," said Abdi Aynte, a former Planning Minister in the federal government of Somalia, who played a key role in laying the economic blueprint of the country.

"The ongoing election is different from the one held in 2016 as there are currently two competing parties. The FGS established FMS working re-election of outgoing leaders, FMS against the plan," added Ali Omar, a current MP.

For Abdusalam Salwe, a former PS, OPM, FGS, the current situation could deteriorate, adding that Villa Somalia should take the blame for preparing shambolic polls, which could divide the country further.

He also blamed the administration of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo for trusting current MPs in key areas, adding that the regime has suffocated a number of Federal Member States [FMS] ever since Farmaajo took over.

"Villa Somalia quarreled the principles of checks and balances by appointing a premier and a cabinet full of MPs, involved security agencies in politics, embedded both houses, and seized some FMS," he said.

"The current election impasse is not an accidental result but more of an intentional and miscalculation move by Villa Somalia," Salwe added. A number of states have started Lower House elections amid uproar from senior presidential candidates.


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