Somalia: One killed in Al-Shabab mortar attack on Palace

By Staff Reporter , Garowe Online
AU soldiers stands guard at the main gate of Villa Somalia [File Photo]

MOGADISHU, Somalia - At least one civilian was killed and several were wounded after mortar rounds landed near the Presidential Palace in Mogadishu on Thursday, Garowe Online reports.

The Al Qaeda-linked militant group Al-Shabab has claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it had fired five mortars at the heavily-fortified presidential compound in the capital, known as Villa Somalia.

Eyewitnesses confirmed to GO that mortars aimed at Somalia palace struck a nearby house, killing a civilian woman while others sustained injuries in the shelling, who had been taken to hospital by the local Ambulance Services.

“A woman died and several were injured. This attack has left many residents in a state of shock and fear,” said Ali Hassan, a local resident who spoke to GO over the phone from the scene.

The attack was the latest in series of such barrage and will raise doubts about claims by the government and African Union troops [AMISOM] that it has now cleared the capital of militants.

The attack involved the use of short-range mortars but it is not clear where they were fired from. Villa Somalia which is protected by AU forces houses top government leaders, including President, Prime Minister and Parliament speaker.

Mogadishu Security officials are yet to comment on the bombardment.


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