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Somalia: Outspoken critic of Farmajo's Government arrested

By Staff reporter , GAROWE ONLINE
NISA detains Ex Presidential runner and outspoken critic of current government Abdirahman Abdishakur [File photo]

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Abdirahman Abdishakur, a fierce critic of the current Federal Government was arrested during a raid on his residence in Mogadishu by Intelligence forces on Sunday night, Garowe Online reports.

Somali Lawmaker, Abdifitah Gesey confirmed that 6 security guards were killed, several have been wounded in the NISA operation which saw the capture of Abdishakur, a former planning Minster, and 2017 presidential candidate.

Gesey said the outspoken politician has sustained slight wounds on his hand and was taken to a secret detention facility run by NISA - National Intelligence and Security Agency in the capital.

The raid which began late on Sunday night at around 11:00 p.m. local time has led to a deadly gunfire between NISA and bodyguards raged on for 40 minutes, according to the security sources.

Sources said Mogadishu seaport officials and MPs were present at the residence of the detained politician near Jazeera Palace hotel at the Airport vicinity, a heavily fortified area at the time of the attack.

It's yet unclear reason behind the arrest of the politician, but the move seems that the government has fed up the Abdishakur's continues statements shedding light on its Failures and major shortcoming.

The arrest of Abdishakur came hours after the country's Attorney General Ahmed Ali Dahir accused two Federal MPs of treason and asked for the Somali Parliament to strip the immunity for prosecution.

Speaking at a press conference in Mogadishu on Sunday, Dahir said the lawmakers, namely Hassan Moalim Mohamud and Abdisabir Nur Shuriye received money from foreign countries to use metabolize a motion against the government.

NISA officers blocked the main streets in Mogadishu on Monday morning following the capture of the prominent politician. 

The Internal Security Ministry of Somalia said Monday Abdishakur is under investigation for criminal acts, including embolization of anti-government movement in his house.


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