Somalia: Over a dozen killed after Al Shabaab attacked a military base


EL WAK, Somalia- Over a dozen of Somali military soldiers are reportedly killed, other wounded after Al Shabaab militants raided their military base in El Wak district in Gedo region, near the Somali border with Kenya on Friday, Garowe Online reports.

Al Shabaab fighters armed with light and heavy weapons attacked El Wak and engaged in a heavy gunfight with Somali government forces before gaining control of the town, according to an eyewitness.

"The militants took the town after overpowering Somali government soldiers in the battle. Some soldiers who fled their base crossed into Kenya’s border to escape Al Shabab execution," resident said.

The commander of the Somali military division in El Wak Col. Aden Koronto was among those killed in the Al Shabaab attack. The militants said they seized three battle wagons and ammunition belonging to the Somali government troops.

Al Qaeda-affiliated Al Shabaab militants hoisted their flag on the top of the city's police station and administrative headquarters to show their presence. In mid 2011, Al Shabaab militants have lost El Wak town to Kenya Defense Forces serving under the AMISOM.

Al Shabaab was forced out of major areas in Southern Somalia during the past four years ago but continues to carry out sporadic attacks against government officials, government troops and AMISOM troops in its battle to overthrow the internationally-backed Somali government.


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