Somalia PM: We shall easily defeat Al-Shabaab after arms embargo lifted


MOGADISHU, Somalia - Somalia Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre says the country will easily defeat Al-Shabaab militants, following the decision by the United Nations Security Council to lift a decades-long arms embargo imposed on the Horn of Africa nation, which is facing violent extremism from the group.

On Friday night, the Security Council approved a proposal to lift restrictions imposed on Somalia in purchasing weapons, noting that such a move would significantly help the country effectively fight the militants, who are still a huge security threat in the country.

While acknowledging the historical decision, PM Barre said the country will now easily defeat Al-Shabaab, adding that Mogadishu would procure sophisticated weapons that are essential on the battlefield. The country, he added, will rebuild the national army.

"The removal of the UNSC 31-year arms embargo on Somalia, will help us easily defeat Al-Shabaab from now on, we will get sophisticated weapons and rebuild a strong army," said PM Hamza Abdi Barre shortly after the approval by the security council.

On his part, Information, Tourism, and Culture Minister Daudi Aweis said the country will now focus on modernizing the army by purchasing weapons that can help confront the Al-Shabaab militants, who have been causing havoc in central and southern regions.

"The lifting of the arms embargo would enable the Somali government to build and modernize its armed forces, enhancing its capacity to defend the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity," he posted on X formerly known as Twitter.

He added: "This will allow strengthening the Somali government's capacity to provide security is essential for its efforts to establish stable governance, deliver public services, and promote economic development."

The resolution 2713 of the UNSC included an arms embargo on extremist groups such as the Kharijites Al Shababab, demonstrating continued commitment to combating extremism and promoting peace in Somalia, he added.


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