Somalia: Political crisis deepens as motion against Speaker lapses

By Staff reporter , Garowe Online

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The political crisis in Somalia is deepening after MPs announced that the deadline for an impeachment motion against Parliament Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari lapsed, Garowe Online reports.

After a late night meeting the Villa Hargeisa, the Speaker’s residence in the Presidential Palace in Mogadishu, 120 lawmakers released a statement nullifying the motion after the 10-day deadline set for the vote expired March 28.

This came after the Senate Committee has announced mediation talks and efforts to resolve the current political stalemate between rival legislators within the Lower House of the Federal Parliament have failed.

The MPs have claimed that the proposed no-confidence motion against the Speaker fell short the required two-thirds majority of the Lower House which is 184, as a result, it is null and void, urging the speaker to resume work.

Meanwhile, the opposition Parliamentarians allied to the office of the Somali PM Hassan Ali Khaire insist that the voting for the controversial anti-speaker motion will take place next Saturday, on 31st March.

Jawari who has been the Speaker of Parliament since 2012 is accused of being violating the constitution and an impediment in the Parliament procedures.

The speaker's camp blamed PM Khaire for being responsible the current standoff and plotting the motion as several of his cabinet members, who are also MPs are among the signatures.

They warned that President Farmajo and his PM will take the responsibility for the dire consequences that will result from the ongoing political deadlock which could lead to the "collapse" of the National Institutions.

Somalia is currently facing political woes and disagreements between the Executive and Legislative branches of the government that were not expected especially at this critical time the country is beset by insecurity.


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