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Somalia President admits ‘leadership incompetence’


MOGADISHU, Somalia-Federal Government of Somalia’s (FGS) President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud for the first time blamed “poor leadership” for the problems confronting the nation, Garowe Online reports. 

The President made remarks at a ceremony commemorating anniversary of June 26 Independence Day when the northern part of the country took its freedom. 

“As a nation, Somalia is not a failed [State] but to tell the truth there have been administrative drawbacks. 

That has resulted in the situation in which we are languishing today. Still, we are alive and I do feel that Somalis are capable of correcting past mistakes so that we can gradually regain our pride and dignity,’ said Mohamud on the occasion of the event.  

Mohamud acknowledged that federalism could be the best “solution” to the recurrent crisis in national politics, saying it is a time for the central government to decentralize power.  

At the end of the event, the President laid a wreath at Daljirka Dahson monument in commemoration for Independence Day.  

President’s comments come amid heightening jostling for the country’s top political job. Mohamud previously drew weak leadership claims due to polarization, rife theft and rampant insecurity.


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