Somalia president arrives in Oslo, Norway amid surge in Al-Shabaab attacks


OSLO - Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has arrived in Oslo, the capital of Norway, the European country which has been playing a crucial role in supporting peace processes and stabilisation of the country for decades.

The president left for a three-day working visit in Oslo just at the time clan fights intensified in central regions leaving over 50 people dead while the al-Shabaab continued with an onslaught in Galmudug, attacking a military base in El-Dheer.

During his visit, the President will hold bilateral talks with the Norwegian Prime Minister to further enhance the Somalia-Norway strategic bilateral relations in various areas of mutual interest, state media reports.

"President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud jetted to Oslo, Norway, for a three-day working visit. He will hold bilateral talks with the Norwegian PM to enhance Somalia-Norway relations and deliver the keynote at the Oslo Forum 2024 annual retreat."

At Oslo, Hassan Sheikh will also deliver a keynote speech at the annual retreat of the Oslo Forum 2024, sources said. Norway and Denmark host thousands of Somali refugees and politicians who sought asylum due to safety reasons at home.

According to reports, the forum, under the theme; of Reclaiming Democracy emphasizes the role participants at the forum play within the global movement and democracy. Human Rights groups have seen the rise of authoritarianism in several parts of the world.

“Today, 5.7 billion people – 72% of the world live under the tyranny of hybrid authoritarian regime or full-fledged dictatorship. Authoritarianism is the largest obstacle not just to political freedom but to the realization of every other basic individual right and societal operation,” a statement by HRF reads.

Somalia is transitioning from the clan-based model to universal suffrage of electoral processes, a move supported by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. The level of transparency, accountability and respect for the rule of law are on an upward trajectory in the country.


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