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​Somalia: President Farmajo vows to support the national army


Mogadishu, Somalia- The President of Somalia’s Federal government has participated in a fund raising event for the Somali national army in the capital Mogadishu on Saturday night, Garowe Online reports.

President Mohamed Abdulahi Mohamed Farmajo, Prime Minister Hasan Ali Khayre, cabinet ministers, religious scholars, prominent elders and members of the civil society took part in the event aimed to tackle challenges faced by the Somali national army in their fight to secure the country.

During the ceremony, Somali President Faramajo appointed General Jama Mohamed Qalib and Shiakh Nur Baarud Gurhan to head the committee overseeing the funds collected for the army.

Subsequently, Qalib the chairman of the committee and Gurhan deputy chairman were sworn-in to fulfill their duties and responsibility to head the committee.

The security situation in Mogadishu remains unstable, as al-Shabaab group still waging

Local residents reported hearing loud explosions and intense gunfire from distance as Somali security forces engaged in a fierce battle with the al-Shabaab who attacked the army checkpoint President Farmajo also urged the public to support the government in its effort to reform the security and army services. He vowed to fulfill his campaign promises and build strong government institutions that will bring much-awaited stability, social services and development in the country.

Farmajo swore to faithfully utilize the funds collected from the public and international community to cover the needs of the national army.

On his side, Prime Minister Khayre asked the public to put their trust in the current administration and noted that the Federal government will clarify any inquiries raised by the citizens.

The event comes following recent high-level meeting between leaders of the Somali Federal government and regional administrations, who deliberated plans to reform the security sector of Somalia last week in Mogadishu.


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