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Somalia: Pro-President Hassan MPs lodge no confidence motion


MOGADISHU, Somalia Nov 6, 2014 (Garowe Online)-Amidst vote buying allegations, nearly 100 MPs are said to have lodged no confidence motion against Federal Government of Somalia’s Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed according to independent sources, Garowe Online reports.

It is yet unclear when the motion will be debated but parliament speaker Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari received the motion filed against the head of the government who has been at odds with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud over cabinet reshuffle.

Sources declined to be named in print have disclosed that Mohamud himself gave green light to bold challenge.

The no confidence motion comes less than a week after UN special envoy to Somalia Ambassador Nicholas Kay and EU’s Aleander Rondos and Michele Cervone d’Urso expressed concern over the days ahead for the weak central government in Mogadishu.

Analysts say, Somalia’s Federal Government is unlikely to wean itself off cash aid by key international partners.

The often fickle 275-seat-chamber voted Mohamed’s predecessor Abdi Farah Shirdon out of office in December 2013.

Prime Minister Mohamed promoted former Minister of Livestock and Animal Husbandry Salim Aliyow Ibrow at the expense of Mohamud’s right hand man and Constitution and Justice Minister Farah Sheikh Abdulkadir.


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