Somalia: Representative to a clan’s chief arrested in Garowe


GAROWE, Puntland- A representative to a traditional elder from Sool region- Dulbahante clan elder- was put in jail in Garowe city, the regional capital of Puntland state, over dispute in clan representation, Garowe Online report.

The man identified as Mahmoud Garaad Saleeban and formally representing the clan elder, who has been abroad for medical treatment.

Close sources tell GO that the arrest made in connection to dispute in clan’s seats share in the Lower House election in Puntland, as a member of Puntland Parliament named Sadiq Abshir Gaarad, has been forcibly acting as the sole representative for the clan elder in the ongoing process.

The parliamentarian is accused of attempting to manipulate the delegates list of the contested seats, added the source.  

Reports said that Garaad has the support from members of State-Level Indirect Electoral Implementation team (SIEIT) and Puntland President Abdiwali Mohamed Ali “Gaas” due to his influence in Puntland Parliament and particularly among his clan’s MPs.

The ongoing parliamentary elections in the regional states, have witnessed widespread corruption, vote rigging, fraud, intimidation and violence, as the country’s Auditor General has revealed recently that the process lacks credibility.  

Somalia’s international partners have expressed concerns to the harassment, and intimidation practices by officials from the Somali government-term ended in September 10- and regional states in the ongoing Lower House election, in a bid to back allies to the parliamentary seats.  


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