Somalia's forces intensify crackdown against Al-Shabaab


MOGADISHU, Somalia - The Somali National Army [SNA] along with the local militia and allied partners continued crackdown against Al-Shabaab militants in several parts of the country, in the latest execution targeting to eliminate the militants from different parts of the Horn of Africa nation.

Army radio [SNA Radio] noted that the military conducted an operation at Buq Aqable town within the Hiiraan. The development was significant in the sense that the town has been under the control of Al-Shabaab for a couple of years, given its strategic location.

Elsewhere, the army with the help of Southwest regional troops liberated several towns which have also been under Al-Shabaab dominance including Saydhelow, Bula-Jadid, Matani, Uusli, and Busley of the Bay region, state media confirmed, in yet another milestone within Somalia.

Also participating in the crackdown were local militia who took arms against Al-Shabaab in solidarity with that government. Some of the areas which were liberated are in notorious Galgaduud and Hiiraan regions and the crackdown is set to continue for a while.

In the Bay region of Southwest state, troops managed to kick terrorists out from Baayale, Caliyow Dooyow, Xaawa Dhaaysile, Boorame, Karanoy, and Daawuudow villages under the Daynuunaay outside Baidoa city, state media noted. Al-Shabaab is dominant in central and southern Somalia.

At HirShabelle, the military raided Hiran province and captured El-Ade and El-Ali villages as well as Moqokori and Hidiga Caag-Xoog villages which are about 90-KM west of the regional capital city Baladweyne. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud had termed the militants as "mafia".

The United States has pledged to continue assisting the military to regain most parts of the country that are still under Al-Shabaab control. The group continues to dominate most parts of the country and has been extorting millions of US dollars from unsuspecting locals.


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