Somalia: Senate forms mediation committee amid deepening political crisis

By Staff reporter , Garowe Online

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Somalia's Upper House of Parliament has on Saturday revealed the formation of a new committee to mediate the growing political crisis in the country, Garowe Online reports.

A 7-member committee has been assembled by the Senate to find a solution to the deepening stalemate between the Parliament and the Executive as MPs linked to PM are trying to oust speaker in a new controversial motion.

The members of the committee:

Abdi Hashi Abdullahi [The chairman]

Senator Moulid Hussein Dualle [member]

Senator Zamzam Ali [member]

Senator Abdi Hassan Awale [Qebydiid] - member

Senator Mohamed Ahmed Mashruc [member]

Senator Mohamed Amin Sheikh Osman [member]

Senator Muhyadiin Sheikh Ali Jama [member]

The Secretary of the Senate who announced the appointment said the committee will work on ways to defuse the rift and arbitrate between the rival MPs within the Lower House Chamber of the Federal Somali Parliament.

The Senate has urged the government institutions to work for the stability of the country. It also called on the rival MPs to solve their differences in accordance with the constitution.

The Federal Government of Somalia is currently facing a new political crisis as MPs plot to oust PM Khaire to counter the proposed motion against Speaker Jawari who has been running the house since 2012.

The lawmakers said to be allied to the PM, some of the Ministers and deputy Ministers accused Jawari of being an impediment in the constitutional review process and abusing power and of suppressing MPs in Parliament.

'Demand For Speaker's Resignation'

On Saturday, more than 40 opposition MPs led by Khadija Mohamed Dirie, the current Minister of Youth and Sports held a press conference in Mogadishu, calling for the resignation of the speaker.

They argue that Jawari has “violated” the constitution and parliamentary procedures, an accusation that the speaker has denied and said he will adhere to the constitution and allow motion against him to proceed.

The MPs' demand came hours after Jawari on Friday night accused the Prime Minister of ordering the military to “seized” Parliament building in Mogadishu two days after a vote of no confidence against him flopped after 16 MPs who were signatories opted out reducing the number to 91 one less signature to proceed to the House.

The motion of no confidence aimed at toppling the speaker needs 92 MPs to sign to be presented to the Parliament's leaderahip.

The first deputy speaker Abdiweli Ibrahim Mudey said during a news confrence in the caputal the motion against Jawari is legal and will proceed to the house.

The legislators later rejected the claim that they had reversed their decision on the signing of the anti-Jawari motion as baseless.

Meanwhile, Saturday's Parliament seating has been canceled due to the standoff engulfing the UN-backed Federal Government which is in its first year in office.

The International community has released on March 17, a joint statement expressing “grave concern” over the new political crisis, urging Parliament and the Executive to use “constitutional and peaceful means to resolve political differences.


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