Somalia: Southwest State to open talks with Upper Bakool


BAIDOA, Somalia, January 7, 2016 (Garowe Online)-Southwest State Administration President Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan is seeking to open talks with Upper Bakool, senior official told Garowe Online on Thursday.

Southwest State’s Minister for Posts and Telecommunications Mohamed Omar Saytun has confirmed the fresh proposal aimed at resolving grievances raised by local communities in Bakool regional districts of El Barde, Yeed and Aato.

In December, Puntland expressed its support for the formation of the mini state carved out of Southwest State.

Saytun indicated that Upper Bakool leader has previously served in Baidoa administration.

Despite Puntland’s support, Upper Bakool gave rise to constitutional disputes in a country working against deadline for 2016 electoral framework.

Upper Bakool officials couldn’t be reached for comments regarding Southwest State’s new bid for reconciliation.


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