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Somalia speeds up measures to form ‘Anti-Corruption Commission’

By Staff reporter , Garowe Online

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The Somali Parliament has given the green light to the creation of a National Anti-Corruption Commission, a significant move towards the fight against graft in the country, Garowe Online reports.

Last year, the Federal Government of Somalia launched a crackdown on corruption, leading to the arrest of dozens of figures, including officials at various departments and the suspension of deputy ministries.

During Monday’s session in Mogadishu, 149 lawmakers out of 151 members present voted in favor of the bill, one MP declined while another one abstained, according to the house speaker Mohamed Mursal.

“The law is vital for fight against corruption and mismanagement in the country,” said Mursal.

The act now heads to the president's desk for his signature to make the bill a law.

Since the collapse of the former military regime in 1991, Somalia has been ranked the most corrupt country in the world due to the lack of accountability, good governance and rule of law for decades.

The Transparency International (TI) said in its report published last year that weak Somali government institutions and without of the democratic process make the graft to flourish in the war-ravaged eastern Africa.


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