​Somalia: Standoff emerges as Galmudug President rejects sacking by MPs

Galmudug President Ahmed Dualle Geelle Haaf speaks to the Media in Adado

ADADO, Somalia - Galmudug President, Ahmed Dualle Geelle Haaf has rejected his sacking by the State MPs on Tuesday, calling the move a "coup" and an affront to the constitution, Garowe Online reports.

Speaking to the BBC Somali Service, President Haaf said the Parliament cannot remove him from power as he serves in office less than six months, according to the state constitution.

He has called the decision "unacceptable and unconstitutional" and accused the Federal government of Somalia based in Mogadishu of igniting a political turmoil in his administration, lobbying for his firing.

"Ten MPs met at a hotel in Adado city cannot fire me because of they have no the constitutional authority to kick a President out of office while he is in power in 4 months and half," said President Haaf.

Haaf has pointed the finger of the blame on Ali Ga'al Asir, the Speaker of the Parliament, for mobilizing the no confidence motion against him, just like what happened to President Osoble of HirShabelle.

Yesterday, 52 out of 55 lawmakers voted in a favor of no-confidence vote against President.

Tuesday's session by the MPs was held without the presence of Asir, who is under house arrest, along with Vice President Mohamed Hashi Arabey for opposing Haaf's decision to cut ties with Qatar.

The current deadlock in Galmudug has sparked following President Haaf's recent decision to side with Saudi-led Arab alliance against Qatar, a move that the state MPs said was made without consultation.

Haaf was elected by the regional lawmakers in last May, 2017 following an election in Adado, the interim administration capital of Galmudug, a Federal State in central Somalia, established in 2014.

-Federal Government's decision towards political crisis in Galmudug'

Somalia's Federal government has talked about the political dispute among the top leaders of Galmudug State, according to statement released by the Ministry of Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation on Tuesday night.

The statement issued by the state Minister of the Interior Ministry, Abdullahi Wehliye announced the Somali government recognized the decision of the Galmudug parliamentarians voted the no-confidence vote against President Ahmed Dualle Haaf.

The Federal Government of Somalia calls for respect of  the Galmudug MPs' decision in which it voted President Haaf out of office on 26th September, 2017.

Meanwhile, the government has voiced concern over the house arrest of Galmudug Parliament Speaker, Ali Ga'al Asir and Vice President, Mohamed Haashi Arabey, and called for their immediate release.


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