Somalia to miss deadline as fears of poll delay mount


MOGADISU, Somalia-Somalia is likely to miss a deadline to elect a President by September 10 as fears of poll delay continue to mount, Garowe Online reports. 

Somali political leaders agreed to election timetable that would have to culminate in the election of the President on June 25 during Baidoa forum. 

Government sources tell GO that Federal Electoral Commission and international diplomats are working out a new timetable which will be discussed by federal leadership and regional Presidents in the first week of August in Mogadishu.  

International community representatives have expressed their uneasiness over the delay in the country’s landmark vote later this year.  

The date for Presidential poll currently scheduled for September could be pushed back by some two months, diplomatic sources added.  

The Upper House whose selection process is dependent on federal member states is expected to precede the Lower House.  

There have been fears that the country’s election preparedness would be adversely affected by political disputes. 

Mogadishu talks are poised to be the last boon for technical and implementation details of electoral process. 


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