Somalia: UAE pledges support for Jubaland, landmine explosion reported


KISMAYO, Somalia August 21, 2014 (Garowe Online)-United Arab Emirates has pledged huge support for the newly-formed administration of Jubaland as witnesses reported of landmine explosion in the southern port city of Kismayo on Thursday, Garowe Online reports.

A delegation led by UAE Ambassador to Somalia Mohamed Ahmed Al Othman arrived in Kismayo on official visit for the first time since being elected to the post.

Jubaland’s Minister of Interior Gen. Mohamed Warsame Darwish received UAE envoy Al Othman at Kismayo airport.

According to Jubaland officials, Al Othman held talks with Jubaland President Ahmed Mohame Islam (Madobe) about the much-needed development initiatives and pledged support as the fledgling state continues to replace the ruins of bloody stalemate with impressive economic growth.

Meanwhile in Kismayo, landmine explosion Thursday hit a car carrying International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) personnel in the downtown. No casualties were reported and vehicle occupants escaped unhurt.

The second Vice President of Jubaland Abdulkadir Haji Mohamed (Luga Dhere) has been on visit to the United States, meeting with diasporans in an effort to encourage Diaspora community to invest in the region.

Warlords, Islamist militants and armed clan militias have long vied for Kismayo control. In 2012, Kenya Defence Force backed by local Somali forces flushed Al Shabaab fighters out of the lucrative seaport and much of the fertile hinterland along Juba River. 


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