Somalia unhappy with Dadaab closure, foresees more terror


MOGADISHU, Somalia-Somalia’s Federal Government is deeply concerned with Kenya’s plan to repatriate hundreds of thousands of Somalis in the world’s largest refugee camp, Dadaab, Foreign Affairs Ministry unveiled on Thursday.

The plea for rescinding of the decision comes as Kenya had already named a taskforce expected to oversee the repatriation of refugees in Dadaab and Kakuma camps. 

“[Somalia] wishes to express its grave reservation regarding the decision of [Kenya] to disband the Department of Refugee Affairs [DRA] with effect from 6th May,” read a statement from External Affairs and Investment Promotion Ministry.  

In an interview with VOA Somali Service, Minister Abdisalan Omar Hadliye echoed concerns, and said such move would be in breach of tripartite agreement signed between Somalia, Kenya and UN Refugee Agency in 2013.

“When it comes to security, let it be clear that no Somali residing in Dadaab has ever been nabbed for any role in terror activities either in Somalia or in Kenya’s Westgate and Garissamassacre,” said Hadliye. 

Somalia says the decision will negatively affect the majority of Somali refugees, and will make the threat of terrorism “worst” due to potential volatile situation.  

The conflict-battered Somalia on the other hand expressed gratitude for Kenya’s generosity in hosting Somali refugees for more than two decades.  

Kenya deployed thousands of its troops in Somalia in 2011 as a result of a series of cross-border attacks, mostly blamed on Al Shabaab militants.


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Ahmed*, a Somali journalist, fled to Uganda in 2009 after he was threatened by al-Shabaab militants. He later moved to Kenya, and only returned to Somalia in 2012 after al-Shabaab had withdrawn most of its forces from the capital, Mogadishu. But danger is ever present.