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Somalia: U.S., Somali forces raid al-Shabaab base, kill several militants


TORATOROW, Somalia- A joint U.S. and Somali military forces have launched a joint attack on a al-Shabaab-held village in Lower Shabelle region of southern Somalia on Friday night, Garowe Online reports.

A local resident, speaking to GO said, Somali commandos accompanied by U.S. special forces in two helicopters raided Toratorow district, and engaged in a fierce gunfight with the al-Qaida-linked militants.

The allied forces swooped into the outskirts of the town, and stormed a training camp in the town, 100 kilometers southwest of Mogadishu, where an unknown number of militants were captured and killed.

“The helicopters dropped Somali, U.S. commando soldiers on the outskirts of Toratorow to hunt for the militants on foot,” said a resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity for security reasons.

The troops were reported to have encountered resistance from the militants during the battle. No Somali troops were killed or injured, according to military sources.

The overnight raid has targeted a senior al-Shabaab commanders meeting in the area, but there was no an immediate confirmation of the casualties from Somali government and allied forces.

The attack was the latest in series of air and ground raids against the group since President Donald Trump has approved expanded airstrikes in areas of active hostilities in parts of south and central Somalia.

Earlier this month, AFRICOM said the U.S. forces, along with Somali forces carried out an airstrike against al-Shabaab in Kunya Barrowe town in southern Somalia and was assessing the results.


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