Somalia: Warplanes strike Al Shabaab bases in revenge for Garrisa attack


GARBAHAAREY, Somalia, April 6, 2015 (Garowe Online)-Kenya warplanes made strikes against Al Shabaab bases in the border villages of Gadon Dhowe and Tulo Ismeal in revenge for the killing of 148 people, mainly students in a deadly siege at Garrisa University campus last Thursday, Garowe Online reports.

A spokesman for Kenya military David Obonyo told reporters in Nairobi that Kenyan fighter jets carried out two combat missions on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning, killing scores of Al Shabaab militants.

Airstrikes to avenge the mass slaughter in Garrisa are believed to have leveled weapons caches and training camps to the ground.

Al Shabaab terror group officials were not quick to comment on the deadly airstrikes on their bastions near Somalia’s southern border with Kenya.

Kenya previously targeted the militants who presented unprecedented security challenge to the neighboring country.

In the latest bloodshed, Al Shabaab staged siege at Garrisa University where they killed dozens of students on Thursday. 


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