​Somalia's Galmudug state to elect new President on March


ADADO, Somalia- The electoral commission of Galmudug state has announced that the state's Parliament will pick a new President on March 21, after political row between the President and Parliament who impeached him last January, Garowe Online reports.

Speaking at the a press conference in Adado on Wednesday, Galmudug electoral body chairman Mohamed Hassan Geedi has called on presidential candidates vying for the office to register before the deadline expires.

"The lawmakers of Galmudug state Parliament will elect a new President on March 21, following the resignation of President Guled last Sunday," said Geedi.

Meanwhile, Several candidates have immediately announced their candidacy for the office, including former government officials and political novices.

President Guled who has been in power since July 2015, has announced his resignation last Sunday over illness, as he undergone heart treatment several times in abroad last year. He said that his doctors have recommended him to quit the office to ensure well recovery.  

Guled a close ally to the former Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, has served as the Minister of Interior and Minister of National Security of Somalia during the past administration led by Mohamoud. 


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