Somalia's incumbent PM announces his candidacy for president


Mogadishu, Somalia -- Somalia's outgoing Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke has on Monday announced his candidacy campaign in the forthcoming Somali election due to be held in October 30, 2016, Garowe Online reports.

Speaking at a press conference at his office in Villa Somalia in Mogadishu, Somali Premier said he is a candidate and will formally begin campaigning for the 2016 election. "Today I announce my candidacy for president. I'm ready to take part in the coming presidential election of our country," Mr Sharmarke said. 

His announcement came before the expected National Leaders Forum Conference due to start this week in Mogadishu. Previously Sharmarke declined to declare his campaign and stated the he haven't decided to participate in the election during a press conference. 

Sources close to Villa Somalia told GO that the Prime Minister and Somali President held several talks recently to reach mutual consensus on their Presidential campaign. 

Political dispute between former TFG President Shaikh Sharif with his Prime Minister Abdiwali Mohamed Ali led to his defeat in the Presidential election in 2012, as Abdiwali shifted his support to the incumbent President Hassan during the contested poll.

Prime Minister Sharmarke served twice as a Prime Minister with the previous Transitional Federal goverment and current Federal government.


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